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Friday, 25 September 2009

if there were a blog social services.....

then i would def have my blog taken away from me, i've abused the poor little thing for so long!!!
hello guys, i'm baaaack! well actually, that's wrong in so many senses...
i've been back, in england, for just over a week now, LA was the most amazing time of my ENTIRE life! but even better, whilst i was there i got a call saying i had been accepted to the university that i desperately wanted to go to! so when i got home from LA, two days later i moved down to university! its been a whirlwind to say the least!

i now live in a very lovely house with three other people, two guys and a girl, they are all lovely, the house is nice and tidy, my room has been turned into a lovely little room with flowers and pinkkkkkk everywhere, one problem, the cute little house doesnt have the internet yet. boo.
so i havent been able to blog until today because i just popped home (2hour drive..boo) to get some more of my clothes and stuff, not going to back here for a while unfortunately after this.

along with LA, the last three weeks have positively been the best 3weeks of my life! LA was amazing, spent alot of time with my family, partied at all the hottest hollywood clubs, i even met some famous faces along the way... and uni, well its totally not as glamourous as hollywood, but hey, party every night, recover everyday and go back out and do it all again! met so many cool friends its just fabulous! i love it!

i hope you're all marvelous and happy and just loving life... i will be back to blogging regularly as soon as i get the internet at my little uni house, so please bare with me until then my lovelies.

lots of love, be happyyyyyy :)

Friday, 11 September 2009

DO this:

Shower Someone In LOVE.

(Back on the 16th Sept! XO)

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

the feeling is mutual

(image via DirtyLittleStyleWhore)

I hope you are having the most fabulous week.

(I'm back on the 16th Sept! XO)

Saturday, 5 September 2009


Be Glamorous.

(I'm back on the 16th Sept! XO)

Thursday, 3 September 2009

a quick update....

I Love L.A

man this place is so beautiful.
i'm staying with my cousin in this place called mar ina del ray, it's soooooooo nice.

yesterday was my first real day, we went to santa monica and hit 3rd street, the shopping is good down there. i spent loads of money already. oops.
i got a cool run dmc top! a lace top. a plaid shirt. and the sexiest leather jacket everrrrr.
all for under $150!

i had theee yummiest johnny rockets mocha fudge milkshake also. yumm. man i missed those things.

after that we went to get some groceries haha.

jetlagged- well thats an understatement, i am soooo tired all the time its really not cool. im trying to get some sort of a pattern back but its soooo not happening! so i had an afternoon nap which was niiiiice.

then for the best part of my day we went into hollywood and went to a really cool club! :)
got home went to sleep the end.

love to you all. missing my besties.
happy birthday to my cousin.

SMILE because the sun is shining! (Man LA is so hot!)

its so simple...

Live your life by the most simplest rules.

(I'm back on the 16th Sept!)

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

the guide book.

(image from here)

AS you may know by now, I'm off to Los Angeles. What you may not know however is that I am off to L.A in 7hours! I have to be up to leave for the airport in only 2hours however I haven't even had a wink of sleep yet! I'm too excited what can I say?!

So after all of my scouting around trying to find the best places to go/see/visit whilst I would be in the city I thought I would compile a list of all the things I plan on doing whilst I'm there.

The venues were all suggested to me by lovely ladies (Erinn, Emily & Lisa) currently residing in LA, so you know that the spots will be hot, hot, hot. Enjoy lovelies.

the coolest places to eat in LA:

*sasabune (sushi) ((all via Cupcakes and Cashmere))

the best places to shop in LA:

*milk. boutique on third street
*planet blue ((via Cupcakes and Cashmere && Lisa's Likes- Double seal of approval!))

the hottest spots to bathe in LA:

pretty places to visit in LA:

other bits and bobs

Next time you visit LA I hope you plan on visiting these amazing spots.

I'm off now, have alot to do before I jet off.
I'm going to be twittering alot, so follow me to see what I'm upto all the time. I'll be popping in from time to time also, comments and emails will be muchly appreciated.

Goodbye lovelies. Have a fabulous 2 weeks ;)

SMILE. Because its the only vacation I'm getting this year and I'm so god dam excited!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

your opinions please...

my brighton outfit....

ok its a kinda confusing one:
i'm wearing a warehouse strapless body con dress with really nice detailing on.
then i'm wearing a black/floral topshop boutique dress which i tucked down.
my favourite h&m belt.
next (runway collection) shoesies.

what do you think?
and yes i know the pic isn't very glam, it was taken in some dingy pub toilet and my facial expression was awful so i decided to airbrush my face via good old paint. haha.


packing up.

(Photo by Jono Winnel, check out his photoblog here- Pure brilliance)

So I've been rushed off my feet with preparations for California andseeing my family and just general shizz nizz. I went to Brighton on thursday night which was fabulous, I'll upload a pic of my outfit later. Friday was filled with recovering from the night before, and I went to the pub for a drink with my dad, which was nice.

I'm really excited about California, only 2days until I leave. I shall try and get some posts together for the blog before I leave, but my cousins and aunts have computer access so I can always blog whilst I'm out there, and I'll take my camera leads so I can even upload some pics too.

I'm going on another date tonight, have no idea what I'm going to wear as quite alot of my clothes are packed for my trip already!

OH. And this is quite important, not life changing to any of you however, but, I've decided that I am not going to university this year, the uni that I was going to go to was rubbish-y and I knew I could do better so its all good, I am just going to reapply to the ones that I wanted to go to, for next years entry. It was a tough decision to make by myself, you know I didn't want to disappoint my parents etc... but it'll all be ok!

Need to find a job now! Uh-oh.

SMILE lovelies.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

skinnyBum, flaredLegs, highWaist

WOW I finally fit into these Jeans!
After having them for a year now I can finally wear them without the fear that they are going rip or any buttons pop off!

I got them from Charlotte Russe last year when I was in L.A, these were the last pair in the shop and I loved them so much that I didnt care whether they fit me or not! So i was determined to make myself fit into them.
Well I completely forgot about them and left them in the bottom of my jean drawer, and after my vigorous exercise regime I've been enduring lately, when I found them this morning I just had to see how they fit!

I'm wearing them with an Urban Outfitters tee, and New Look heels. Oh an of course my beloved trilby that I am getting more attached to by the day!

Hope your all well, I've just been busy sorting out uni stuff and holiday bits and bobs!

SMILE! because you only live once, and whats the point in wasting it?! XO

Monday, 24 August 2009

a stylish milestone.

Wow wow wow.
firstly: My 100th post.
secondly: how cool is this headband... ?

Anyway back to my first point. this is my 100th post on Grey Pavement Regular.
Looking back on when I started this blog, oh boy how I was in experienced, the blog started off as Moon Faces, I got the idea because the moon has many faces apparently, as does life. Well haven't I learnt that this year! We then progressed on to GreyPave.... as another moon face blog came on to the scene, I thought hey I'll move over, maybe this is a chance for my blog to go in another direction.

Grey Pavement Regular is pretty self explanatory really. It documents my life in the humdrum world of being a normal teenager, walking the grey pavements day after day, and not the red carpets like some of our most favourite idols.

I've been through alot this year accompanied by this blog, I've had some of the hardest exams, some of the most testing relationships, I've learnt how much it hurts to be loved (I luckily haven't felt the pain of loving someone yet), I've learnt how to grow up quickly, and most importantly I've learnt how to dress more stylishly, and how to love myself in the skin I'm in. I've learnt a bloody lot basically!

Thank you to all you other bloggers out there who give me inspiration daily, and thank YOU for reading my blog, it means an awful lot to know that someone actually cares about the things I have to say, and that I might even remotely entertain you.

Here's to many more posts together.

Thank you, Lots of Love, AV XO


decorations for your hair.

Prices range from £8-£10. All Accessorize. To buy any of these click here.

hair 'mare

So I didn't fall in love with hairbands when Blair Waldorf stormed onto the scene with her cute little Chanel style. But what I did fall in love with was Pixie Lott's hairband when she performed at the V festival this weekend. I think she looked the epitome of cool with her long blonde hair flowing out from a flowered headband. Now my problem... I have a bob, no cool long flowy wavey locks flowing from under my headbands....

An AV-update: So this weekend I had my last night at work, I actually have a whole weekend off before I jet off to LA in 8DAYS! I'm going to Brighton on Thursday with a few of my friends, hit some clubs in celebration of my cousins 19th Birthday (a few days early because I'm missing her birthday- for the second year in a row! oops!), then friday and saturday will be going with the flow!

But before all that, I am going to London tomorrow with my mother to view the apartment that I am moving into when I get back from California. We're going to check out the local area, figure out all my routes to uni, shops, pubs etc...

What did you girlies get upto at the weekend? And have you seen any cute headbands anywhere?

SMILE (because your living, and you have choices, and you have freedom, and you make your own way :) ) XO