Thursday, 27 August 2009

skinnyBum, flaredLegs, highWaist

WOW I finally fit into these Jeans!
After having them for a year now I can finally wear them without the fear that they are going rip or any buttons pop off!

I got them from Charlotte Russe last year when I was in L.A, these were the last pair in the shop and I loved them so much that I didnt care whether they fit me or not! So i was determined to make myself fit into them.
Well I completely forgot about them and left them in the bottom of my jean drawer, and after my vigorous exercise regime I've been enduring lately, when I found them this morning I just had to see how they fit!

I'm wearing them with an Urban Outfitters tee, and New Look heels. Oh an of course my beloved trilby that I am getting more attached to by the day!

Hope your all well, I've just been busy sorting out uni stuff and holiday bits and bobs!

SMILE! because you only live once, and whats the point in wasting it?! XO


Lisa said...

Love the jeans and that shirt!

thatsorad said...

That outfit looks amazing on you!!! Rock it!- CS

Alana Victoria said...

Thank you, thank you :)

kirstyb said...

i lovethe tee i have a similar one from zara! yay for fitting in the jeans! and yay for going to CA im off in a bit too xoxox

Mila said...

Love those pants <3 <3
And great blog!

kirstyb said...

hey alana! totally didnt realise it was you who left a comment on my blog! How rude! Thanks for the info about LA - I cant wait to go back. Will be going on the 14th Sep only there for a week as im off to san fran after that! How come you go so often? I m jealous xxxx

Delectable Swank said...

I love your hat! It rocks on you! I know what you mean about those "skinny jeans," I have a pair like that too but I haven't been able to quite make it yet!

Alanna said...

those jeans looks so good on you! i love the hat with it, its completes the look!

Living and Loving In L.A. said...

Hey Doll!
Thanks for visiting my blog! You are too sweet!
I love Malibu for sunning here in L.A., it's a great beach where you'll meet a lot of young, hip and fun people! The beach is called Zuma Beach, I'm sure you can Google it for more info, it's just off of PCH (the highway that runs along the ocean) and it's not too far from the Malibu Country Mart, where there's great shopping like the store Planet Blue.
I hope you have a great time visiting out here! Let me know if you have any more questions!

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