Thursday, 3 September 2009

a quick update....

I Love L.A

man this place is so beautiful.
i'm staying with my cousin in this place called mar ina del ray, it's soooooooo nice.

yesterday was my first real day, we went to santa monica and hit 3rd street, the shopping is good down there. i spent loads of money already. oops.
i got a cool run dmc top! a lace top. a plaid shirt. and the sexiest leather jacket everrrrr.
all for under $150!

i had theee yummiest johnny rockets mocha fudge milkshake also. yumm. man i missed those things.

after that we went to get some groceries haha.

jetlagged- well thats an understatement, i am soooo tired all the time its really not cool. im trying to get some sort of a pattern back but its soooo not happening! so i had an afternoon nap which was niiiiice.

then for the best part of my day we went into hollywood and went to a really cool club! :)
got home went to sleep the end.

love to you all. missing my besties.
happy birthday to my cousin.

SMILE because the sun is shining! (Man LA is so hot!)


Hermine said...

Glad to hear you arrived safely and you're having fun. Although i have to say i envy you cause right now i'm facing a mountain of uni work :)

Rockhampton Lawyers said...

It looks like heaven not pretty